Secure & Reliable Payment Solutions For The Canadian Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Payments specializes in payment and e-commerce solutions for the Canadian cannabis industry. We deliver safe and efficient payment processing for Licensed Cannabis Producers and Cannabis related products.

We recognize that the Canadian Cannabis Industry is in its infancy and therefore it is necessary to operate as a hands-on and apprised processing partner to businesses in the cannabis sector – keeping pace with regulatory changes and industry advancements.

Cannabis Payments is founded on principles of integrity, compliance and success.



The Canadian Cannabis Industry is in its early stages. Needless to say that there has been controversy over the production and sale of medical marijuana and as a result, many businesses in the space have found it challenging to source a reliable and efficient payment processing provider.

Many national and international banks have refrained from offering payment solutions for the cannabis industry due to reputational concerns, while other institutions are simply not able to meet the regulatory demands of the industry.

Four years ago, in 2013, the federal government implemented a “free-market” approach for the distribution of medical marijuana. Since then, much has changed. The federal government is moving ahead with the legalization of medical marijuana and today, 30+ licensed producers grow medical marijuana and are producing it to patients nationally.

With the expected and apparent rise in medical marijuana users and distributors, Cannabis Payments vision is to become a trusted partner in implementing e-commerce processing solutions for Canadian cannabis businesses. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” philosophy – we find the right solution to suit the needs and requirements for each business.


Our experience in working with heavily regulated industries has afforded us the experience, knowledge and reputation in offering best-in-class online payment solutions. As a result, we can ensure that Licensed cannabis providers will obtain efficient processing, superior service while meeting compliance obligations.

Cannabis providers that work with Cannabis Payments can be assured of:

  • Advanced payment gateway solutions;
  • Preparedness for current and future KYC requirements;
  • Mobile friendly payments;
  • Payment processing through GooglePay, ApplePay, Direct Debit, Interact, VISA, MC AMEX and customized gift cards;
  • Age verification service and geo-fencing to enforce compliance with provincial restrictions;
  • Geo-location to prevent sales to any non-compliant shipping address (eg. PO boxes);
  • Fraud reduction services through IP monitoring and digital fingerprinting; and
  • Protection against fraud and chargebacks.


Payments for Licensed Producers

Licenced producers of recreational and medical marijuana not only require secure and effective payment solutions, but they also require solutions that abide by government regulatory compliance.

Cannabis Payments’ services meet the growing demand for a reliable and compliant payment solution within the marijuana industry.

Payments for Accessories

Cannabis Payments offers cannabis accessory retailers secure and reliable payment processing solutions.

Cannibis accessories may include but are not limited to:

  • Hemp supplies
  • Bongs
  • Vaporisers
  • Scales
  • Pipes
  • Rolling papers
  • Hookahs

If you operate a shop or website that sells cannabis paraphernalia, you will require an efficient gateway or what we refer to as a “high risk” payment processing solution that is dependable, secure and tailored to your product offerings. Even moreso, the processing solution should be compatible with all major credit cards and accept consumer payments in a variety of ways.

Our advanced payment processing solutions are effective, easy to navigate for the end-user and also prevent fraudulent activity all while simultaneously helping you remain compliant with federal and provincial regulations.

We do not believe in a “one size fits all” philosophy – we find the right solution to suit the needs and requirements for each business.

Cannabis Referral Clinics

Cannabis Referral Clinics connect patients to medical professionals (i.e. doctors) and Licensed Producers as a means to access medical cannabis. Clinics are in operation to help patients find efficient and alternative treatment for ailments such as chronic pain, incapacitating illness and conditions.

The MMPR (Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations) pertains to the set of rules and regulations for growing, buying and selling medical marijuana in Canada. The MMPR is Health Canada’s first efforts towards creating a commercial industry for medical marijuana. It provides a framework for doctors, Licensed Producers and patients alike. Cannabis Referral Clinics abide by these regulations and set of rules in offering streamlined processes for patients.

Due to the connection between these clinics and the sale and production of cannabis, it has become a challenge to obtain processing solutions and merchant accounts. MM Payments has the resources and know-how to offer and implement processing solutions for Cannabis Referral Clinics and is apprised of MMPR regulations at all times. Our payment gateway allows us to guarantee regulatory compliance and effective processing solutions.



It is becoming extremely prevalent for businesses in the Canadian cannabis industry to sell extracts such as cannabidiol oil (CBD). CBD is a by-product of the cannabis plant and has been touted as a potential treatment for a variety of conditions including epilepsy, anxiety and inflammation.

Due to the fact that there has been a relation between CBD and medical value, the by-laws surrounding the sale and production of it vary widely from region to region. As a result, it can be difficult for cannabis businesses to find a reliable and apprised payment processing partner.

Cannabis Payments offers trusted and advanced e-commerce solutions to accept payments for cannabis extracts. We are a sales partner for one of the most advanced payment systems for strictly regulated industries on the market. Using real-time KYC software, our payment gateway helps to ensure regulatory compliance while keeping your company safe from fraud.




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